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Our Customers Are Our Best Salesmen

Great web projects can only be built on good communications, years of know-how and hard work - we have all three!

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A Different Kind of Creative Agency

Presego has been developing stunning websites and thought-out e-commerce solutions since 2006. Our main focus has always been on projects that need that extra level of know-how and dedication.

Our web projects run on a custom built Presego CMS engine, that has proved its reliability and scalability over the decade. The tailor-made solutions also provide our customers with low maintenance costs over the years.

We also specialize on developing web-based software that helps our customers run their business more efficiently and gain an advantage over competitors.

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Our References

"Each project is like a story - we are fortunate that our customers have given basis to so many of them."
Henno Olljum, Presego CTO

Very smooth cooperation!
Great customer support.
I recommend!

Kristy Sammul
Kangadzungel Marketing Manager

We came across Presego at a time when we needed to establish a new website and an e-shop environment within a few weeks. They accepted the challenge and the cooperation was great! The people at Presego have all the values we cherish and need in our partners - speed, professionalism, thoroughness, individual approach, co-thinking, offering and performing solutions and, at the same time, they are extremely friendly!

Sandra Vabarna
Trad.Attack! Musician and Manager

When we met the team 9 years ago, we felt an instant understanding. Our website and e-shop has worked like clockwork since. Presego is a company with an innovative work culture, which always shares its thoughts and strives for its customers to do well also. We would recommend them 100% to those who are looking for a partner to develop their website and e-commerce!

Meelis Jakobson
Fendernet CEO

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