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Pay-per-click advertising

Pay-per-click adverts are text ads in search engines and social media environments that are not charged per number of expositions or displaying time, but per each actual click. PPC ads are visible for example in the right hand section of Google search results or on a coloured background before the so called organic results. 

PPC advertising enables to target a very specific group or a geographical location. In addition, the adverts are always related to certain keywords or phrases, which means, that the ads are displayed only for people who are most likely to need the product or service.

lauma ppcPreparing thoroughly for the PPC campaign is essential, as is monitoring the results during the campaign, in order to adjust the keywords and budgets when necessary. Each campaign begins with analyzing the keywords and the website. As usual, the main aim is to reach as many people of the target group as possible, while spending as little money as possible. 

We will provide you with the most cost efficient online advertising strategy and will execute the campaign constantly monitoring its success and efficiency.